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A must-have tool for dispatchers and responders

When an emergency occurs and 911 centers get flooded with calls, dispatchers become overwhelmed because they have to spend so much time on the phone trying to determine each caller's location.  The result:  Call queues quickly grow making it impossible for callers to get through.  With our QuikHelp Fast11 system, location and other information is instantly made available to dispatchers and responders at the same time without having to call them.  This now makes it possible for field responders to be notified about an incident the moment it happens without having to wait for the info to be relayed to them when every second counts.

"We spend too much time on each call trying to get information--it slows down our first responders!"

911 Dispatcher

Solution: QuikHelp Fast11

Fast11 speeds and simplifies the 911 workflow without needing to place a call for help.  Fast11 can also be deployed instantly at any 911 center without having to install anything.  Fast11 works with what 911 centers already have in place right now.  All that's needed is a browser.

Minimizes dispatcher-shortage problem

Because Fast11 automates the alert information-gathering and distribution process, requests for help can be received without needing additional dispatchers.  Fast11 can also help reduce stress-related worker's comp claims.

Ultra easy to use

Generate revenue

A must-have backup

Using an internet browser, alerts can be viewed on computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones by clicking a button.  Alerts can also be viewed on in-vehicle mobile-display computers to enable responders to have equal access to the same incident information.  And since Fast11 takes advantage of what dispatchers and responders already know how to do, training impact is minimal.

At a time when 911 personnel and operational costs are rising fast and jobs are on the line, Fast11 can generate a new source of recurring revenue to offset these costs and protect jobs.  How?  When offered as a low-cost professional service, Fast11 can help keep 911 departments in operation without impacting the general fund.   Fast11 can also help 911 centers avoid E911 headaches and upgrade costs.

When existing 911 systems go down, you can turn an iPad into an instant portable PSAP in seconds by tapping an icon and remain operational.

Reach 911 with

a simple tap.
No call required!

No special

app needed!

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