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Simple emergency-alert, mass-notification and fundraising solution all in one

Get help when you need it

Turn any device into...

...an instant

panic button

Why QuikHelp is the RIGHT solution

When an incident occurs, most school personnel think they can just pick up the phone and call 911 when help is needed and they'll get right through.  However, as previous incidents have proven, this is not always the case.  During past incidents, many couldn't get through to 911; callers were placed on hold the moment they called because of how so many we're trying to call for help at the same time.  Others couldn't get through at all.  Without a plan in place to deal with this scenario, schools could be leaving themselves exposed to significant liability.

Below is an example of what happened to a real-world active-shooter survivor that experienced this very problem:

Active-shooter survivor interview

The solution: QuikHelp

QuikHelp makes it easy to turn existing school desktop computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones and smart speakers into instant panic-button devices WITHOUT HAVING TO INSTALL ANY SPECIAL HARDWARE, SOFTWARE OR APPS AND WITHOUT NEEDING TO MAKE ANY FACILITY MODIFICATIONS to accommodate QuikHelp's use.

To see how QuikHelp can turn your desktop computer's browser into an instant panic button, click on the link below:

QuikHelp desktop/laptop/tablet panic button

No calls needed; speeds notification

When the QuikHelp Help button is clicked, it can send an alert for help directly to first responders WITHOUT NEEDING TO CALL THEM when their phone lines are jammed with other callers—your alerts can get right through.  WHEN EVERY SECOND COUNTS, THIS COULD HELP SAVE SOMEONE'S LIFE WHEN CRITICAL INJURIES ARE INVOLVED.

Ultra simple to use

Unlike other solutions that involve the use of complicated hardware, software and special apps, QuikHelp doesn't--it eliminates all of these barriers by working just like a web page does in a person's browser; training takes less than 5 minutes--ideal for teachers and administrators who don't have the time or patience to deal with complicated technology.

Deploys in minutes

Because QuikHelp doesn't require the installation of any hardware, software or apps, it can be up and running on any campus and in classrooms in minutes without making the effort into a major IT/facilities "project".  The ability to view alerts can also be set up at any school office and/or first-responder dispatch center in the same short  amount of time.

It's what responders need to help you

Because school campuses are large in size with multiple buildings, it's often difficult for first responders to know where help is needed when an incident occurs.  The result:  A delayed response.  QuikHelp addresses this location problem by providing alert-sender's phone number and address as well as detailed location information about where help is needed INSIDE of school buildings to minimize response time.

Send emergency and non-emergency alerts to parents, schools, teachers and first responders

Mass-notification and fundraising

Sending mass-notification made easy

In addition to providing a simple way to get help by clicking a button, QuikHelp also includes an integrated mass-notification capability called 'Notify' that makes it easy to send targeted alerts to parents, teachers, schools, first responders and others.  With just four simple steps, targeted alerts can be sent from our QuikHelp Communications Center interface below:

Alert sending interface

Alerts can also be sent with a smartphone.

Targeted alert delivery

Each blue channel button in the interface can be assigned to a different school, building, group of parents or other targeted recipient group so that all you have to do is type in your message, click the channel buttons that you want to send your alert to and then click the 'Send' button.

Also available separately

Notify is also available by itself with an even simpler interface for schools who just want a mass-notification system.

Viewing mass-notification alerts

Targeted alerts can be viewed on desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones without needing to install anything—not even an app!  The alert viewer works just like an ordinary web page does that people view every day.  To see an example of what it looks like, click on the link below:

Alert-viewing interface

Alert 'Preview' and 'Recall' per DHS

Notify gives you the option of requiring two-party approval before each alert can be sent so that no one single person can send alerts on their own.  Notify also provides the ability to recall each alert even AFTER it's sent in the event that it was sent by mistake or because the alert information is no longer  needed or relevant.  These two features have been mandated by the Department of Homeland Security.

Share alerts with first responders

When sending alerts, a special 'PD' channel button can be included to allow you to send a copy of each alert message to your local first responders as well.

Fundraising with Parent's Portal

Parent's Portal is a special mass-notification alert-viewing interface that gives parents what they're always demanding:  Access to information about what's happening on their child's campus without having to hassle with social-media sites.  Using a simple browser, parents can view alerts from their nearby school without having to install anything.  Parent's Portal also has a dedicated space to display fundraising content to solicit donations from parents that can include a 'Donation' link to donate by credit card. To see an example of what Parent's Portal looks like, click on the link below:

Parent's Portal alert viewing and fundraising interface

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