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Increase vehicle violation revenues with FastShare


Catch out-of-state/registration, parking and handicapped-space cheaters

Out-of-state/registration cheaters

Trying to duck registration fees

Parking cheaters

Don't want to pay to park

Handicapped cheaters

No handicapped placard

This is just ONE of MANY ways FastShare can be used on the fly by law enforcement

No app needed!

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FastShare overview

With FastShare, law-enforcement agencies  can take a photo of just about anything on the fly—such as an offending vehicle—and have each photo automatically sent to their dispatchers, officer vehicles and other destinations with the simple tap of a button.  Additional detail can also be included such as the day and time of photo capture as well as optional text that can be entered into FastShare before each photo is taken.  In addition, GPS coordinates from where each photo was taken are also automatically sent with each photo.  The ability to take and send photos of anything on the fly can enable law-enforcement officers to issue citations more easily, help apprehend suspects and use FastShare for other purposes as well (see right).   FastShare content can also be captured and stored for investigative, prosecution and other purposes all without needing to install any hardware, software or apps, anywhere.

Simple when it needs to be

FastShare works just like an ordinary web page does in a phone's browser.  This makes it easy for law-enforcement personnel to use it in the field without having to sit through hours of special training or read a manual.

Fast, no-hassle photos

With FastShare, you no longer have to stop to attach each photo to a text or email message before you can send them to others.  Once you tap the red photo 'take' button, each photo is taken and sent to dispatchers and others you designate in advance  AT THE SAME TIME automatically—there's no need to attach each photo to a text/email—you can send a photo almost instantly without having to spend minutes fumbling with your phone.

Support & facility friendly

Because there's no need to install any hardware or software at any law-enforcement agency or in officer's vehicles to view FastShare photos, training and support requirements are minimal.  In addition, since there's no hardware involved, FastShare is completely cyber friendly given how there's nothing for a potential hacker to hack.

Universal viewer access

Because FastShare enables the viewing of photo date, time taken, captured photo, text and GPS location information, any authorized law-enforcement/first-responder agency can view this information using a simple internet browser.  This same information can also be viewed by multiple/mutual-aid agencies at the same time such as by fire agencies, Federal/FBI/DHS entities and others.

Makes LPR systems smarter

When FastShare photos include license-plate numbers, law enforcement can enter these plates into their LPR systems to help locate vehicles and persons of interest.  For example, in out-of-state vehicle registration cases, the date and time information provided by FastShare can help law enforcement determine who may be visiting and who may be a possible cheater by looking at the date of each FastShare posting in the LPR database.

Easy copy and paste

Since each photo is just like an ordinary web photo, each can be saved as an ordinary 'JPG' or 'PNG' file—photos can also be copied and pasted into other applications.  Customer-supplied screen-recording software can also be used to create an automated history of submitted photos.

Safe and secure

Each FastShare photo is sent to the FastShare photo viewer using the same secure browser security that banks use.  In addition, once each FastShare photo is sent, it's automatically erased from the sender's phone so that the photos can't be tampered with or lost in the event a user's phone is lost, stolen or becomes inoperable.

Works with QuikHelp

FastShare is available as a standalone solution—it's also included with our QuikHelp-Pro emergency-notification solution that makes it easy to send alerts for help to law enforcement with a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.  To learn more about QuikHelp, visit our 'Solution's tab above and click on 'QuikHelp'.

Use applications

  1. Reporting car registration, parking and handicapped-space violators to police, sheriff, highway patrol and/or other parties

  2. Surveillance in plain sight

  3. Capturing and sharing photos of persons of interest and missing persons

  4. Capturing license plates of offending/suspect vehicles for entering into existing LPR systems

  5. Rapid visual communication

  6. Facial recognition

  7. Compliance monitoring

  8. Crowd monitoring

  9. Documenting incidents

  10. Posting to social media

  11. Amber-like broadcasts

  12. Providing fire updates

  13. Investigations

  14. Visual inspections

  15. And other uses

"Can be deployed at any law-enforcement agency in less than a minute without having to install anything, anywhere!"

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