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QuikHelp: Generate new sources of revenue

QuikHelp's 911 and mass-notification capabilities can be provided as a fee-based service to residents and businesses.  This new revenue can then be used to offset rising costs of providing 911 and other services.  Using its photo capability, QuikHelp can also enable first-responder agencies to generate additional revenues from car-registration, parking and handicapped-space violators who cost agencies millions in lost revenue each year.  Revenue potential example:  A municipality with 100,000 households can generate $6-$12 million a year in new revenues that many are leaving on the table.  This is in addition to the cost-savings that QuikHelp offers.

Increase parking, handicapped violator and other citation revenue

Out-of-state/registration cheaters

Trying to duck registration fees

Parking cheaters

Don't want to pay to park

Handicapped cheaters

No handicapped placard

Eliminate unnecessary 911 "upgrade" costs

Upgrading existing 911 systems to the new E911 "standard" is expensive and unnecessary at a time when 911 funding is in short supply resulting in many 911 agencies having to rely on 911 financing from their general fund.  With QuikHelp, these upgrade expenses can be avoided because of how QuikHelp provides the same E911-like functionality at no net cost to when QuikHelp is offered as a service.  In addition, QuikHelp also saves first-responder agencies significant infrastructure costs that are required to deploy and maintain the new E911 system.  This is in addition to the added support and personnel burden that the new E911 "standard" places on responder agency's IT support teams.


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