Share your live AND recorded security-camera video with first responders


QuikSwitch makes it easy to DIRECTLY access live video from security cameras, web cams, drones and other video sources with a simple click without needing a full-blown camera "system" or complicated switcher.

Switch camera

views on the fly

just like using

a TV remote

Control access to to your live video with simple on and off controls

QuikSwitch works just like an ordinary web page--there's no special software or hardware needed other than the Adobe Flash plugin (works with Internet Explorer and Mac's Safari browser)


How it works


Simple to use

Quickly access most-any video feed with a simple click of a button just like using a TV remote.  Switch video feeds by simply clicking the corresponding channel button

No training hassles

Since there's no hardware or software involved or changes to your existing workflow, there's no extensive training required for existing staff and new hires.  It's so simple, anybody can do it!

No camera system needed

QuikSwitch works with camera sources directly and therefore, there's no need for a separate camera system or VMS software.

Quikly share live video

Quickly share your live video using the built-in 'Share' buttons that make it easy to enable and disable sharing so that you control what responders see and when they see it.

LIVE viewing made simple

QuikSwitch is 100% browser based and doesn't require the installation of any special video-viewing software other than the Adobe Flash player which many already have installed within their browsers now.

Record right from the screen

Live video can be captured and recorded right off the screen using any off-the-shelf screen capture software such as Camtasia or other 3rd-party software

View video from any source

View live video from just about any customer-supplied video source such as IP cameras, drones, security robots and other sources.

Link viewers together

Viewer can be expanded to provide additional channels  beyond the 8 above.  Viewers can also be linked together to create a simple live video network.

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