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Get help when you're mobile and can't get through by phone

When an incident strikes, QuikHelp-Mobile could save your life!

Real-world scenario

Imagine you're indoors at work and you suddenly hear gunshots.  You then take cover under your desk.  By this time, a flood of calls from others have already begun to overload your internal security and local first-responder dispatchers with calls—this happens very quickly during the first few minutes.  So what do you do next?  You reach for your phone to try to call for help but you can't get through to anyone or if you do, you get put on hold leaving you saying, 'Now, what?".




If you're in need of medical attention because you were injured during the shooting, your life could be in serious danger.  Your problem could become even worse if you can't get through to anyone by phone to get the help you need.


Shooting survivor interview


See how this scenario happened at the Capital Newspaper shooting by clicking the link below to view a 25-second interview with a shooting survivor that was hiding under a desk to avoid the shooter but couldn't reach police with his phone:


Interview with active-shooter survivor


Solution: QuikHelp-Mobile

With QuikHelp on your smartphone, you can enter a help message into your phone with your fingers just like you're sending a text message (or speak it into your phone) that gets displayed right in front of responders in their existing internet browser without you needing to make a call.  You also see a confirmation message to let you know that your message was sent.  See example below:

"I'm on the second floor of the library.  We have several people here that are seriously injured and need immediate help!"

This could be you under YOUR desk

Send alerts on the fly

When you're mobile inside your building, you can quickly send initial i-need-help alerts and ongoing updates as your location/situation changes that get delivered instantly to responders WITHOUT HAVING TO MAKE A PHONE CALL.  In addition, your alerts can be delivered at the same time to MULTIPLE parties to help reduce response time.  In addition to first responders, these same alerts an also be viewed by your management team.

No special app needed

Since QuikHelp works just like a normal web page does in your phone's browser, there's no need to hassle with downloading or configuring an app.

2-way communication

Once alerts are received (see QuikHelp alert viewer, right), dispatchers can see the phone number of the alert sender (smartphones only).  This makes it easy for dispatchers to call or text the alerting party (works with Text-to-911) to have 2-way communication.

Map your entire campus

With QuikHelp's QuikMap solution, you can document the GPS coordinates of each building on your campus.  When an incident occurs, the correct building will appear in a map in our QuikHelp Viewer so that responders know where to find you.

Turn existing smartphones into emergency-notification devices IN SECONDS by simply clicking on a link WITHOUT NEEDING TO DOWNLOAD AN APP!

Get your critical alerts through without having to make a phone call during times when you can't get through due to caller overload

Simply enter your alert message—or speak it into your phone—and tap the 'QuikHelp' button.  That's it—it's so easy, ANYONE can do it!

Works just like a regular web page does inside your phone's browser.

No special hardware, software or password needed!

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