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Map your entire campus/facility so first responders know where to find you

Can YOU be found quickly by first responders when you need help?

Responder's biggest challenge

Location, location, location!


No special app needed!

Can responders find you when every second counts?

Does your campus/facility map look like the map above with lots of buildings that are spread out all over the place?  If so, can you imagine what first responders have to deal with every time they're called to your campus/facility to render aid?  Finding the right building is a HUGE problem for first responders everywhere!  Even if you tell them that help is needed in the library, they may not know where the library is on your campus.  In many cases, those that actually respond to the scene of your incident may be from a different station or area.  Why?  Your nearest responders may be busy handling another incident elsewhere.  In the case of major incidents, responders from MULTIPLE agencies may respond without knowing exactly where help is needed.


What this location problem could cost your organization

Without quick and easy access to accurate incident-location information, response times can be seriously delayed because of how responders have to seek out an escort to direct them to the right building.  The result?  More lives could be lost because of this critical delay which could expose your organization to significant liability.


Turn your smartphone into an instant mapping device

With 'QuikMap' above, you can quickly map your entire campus with your smartphone so that when an incident occurs, first responders will know EXACTLY what building to respond to by looking at a Google map BEFORE they arrive.  This way, they can determine the shortest route so that no time is wasted.  QuikMap also saves organizations thousands by eliminating the need to hire a separate campus-mapping company to map your campus, a process that costs an average of $25,000.


How QuikMap works and how the mapping info is used

QuikMap works just like a regular web page does in your phone's browser; you don't need to download a special app.  Once it's launched in your browser, all you have to do is stand outside the main entrance of each building you want to map (the entrance that responders would most likely use) and tap a button on your phone.  Once each building's location information is sent, it gets automatically integrated with the QuikHelp emergency-notification system so that when an alert is sent from any QuikHelp-enabled device going forward, responders know exactly what building to respond to without having to search.  Adding new locations is as simple as showing up to their front door and tapping a button.  Remote locations can be quickly mapped in the same way.

Indoor and outdoor location reporting

In addition to providing first responders access to a Google map that shows what building to respond to, QuikHelp also provides additional location information that tells responders where someone is INSIDE of a given building.  This indoor information includes the following:

  • What floor you're on INSIDE the building
  • Distance from the elevator/stairway
  • Office/room number
  • And other critical location details

When you're mobile or traveling, QuikHelp can also direct responders to your location when 'Location Services' is activated on your smartphone.

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Minimizes response delays

With QuikHelp, responders know exactly where they need to respond to before getting there and without having to waste any time searching once they arrive.

Easy universal "hassle-free" access

Unlike proprietary CAD (computer-aided dispatch) systems used by first responders that don't provide universal access to the same information, QuikHelp provides first responders access to the SAME universal location detail that can be viewed by ANY responder agency using any web-enabled device.  In addition, there's no need to install any special hardware, software or apps to gain access to your incident information once you grant them access.

Call for a live demo by phone

Call and we'll show you how easy it is to map your campus right over the phone.  Then, we'll show you how it all works-—results that you can view in your internet browser right from your desk.

"Dispatch: Where is the library?"

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