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A unique, cost-effective and easy-to-deploy alert-notification solution for business users

Turn your desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone,
smart speaker and IoT devices into an instant panic-button

QuikHelp alert SENDER


works with desktops, laptops and tablets!


6/18/18 @ 2:32 pm


OC Global Hospital

1001 N. Tustin Ave.

City of Santa Ana

Emergency Room

Fight In Progress

Browser-based alert VIEWER

Eliminates call congestion

issues during emergencies



Instant notification without delays

QuikHelp alert notification workflow made easy

Available in two budget-friendly editions:  'Basic' and 'Pro'



Click here to see QuikHelp on your phone

Ultra simple to use



No need to install any special hardware, software or apps!

Sensors and other IoT devices

Deploys in minutes

Location details that speed response

When each QuikHelp alert is sent, it can include detailed information about where you are while at work/school, including the display of your building location on a GPS map for responders to see.  QuikHelp can also provide first responders with information about where you are INSIDE a given building including what floor, office/room number and other detailed information.  This makes it much easier for first responders to find you quickly without having to waste time searching for you when every second counts.

View alerts with a simple browser

QuikHelp alerts can be viewed on any web-enabled device that's equipped with an internet browser.  Click below to see viewer example:


QuikHelp alert viewer


Map every building on your campus

QuikMap makes it easy to quickly determine the exact GPS location of each building on your campus—data that can be instantly integrated into the QuikHelp alert viewer to make it easy for responders to know exactly where to find you on your campus when they receive your alerts.

QuikHelp Mapper

Link multiple properties together

With QuikHelp, you can link other properties together as part of the same system in just minutes (optional feature) without having to install anything at any of these other locations, either.


Take and send photos on the fly

In addition to providing incident details, QuikHelp also makes it easy to quickly take and send photos of anything that you need or want to visually share with responders before, during or after an incident.  This can include photos of suspicious vehicles/packages, photos of missing persons, damage reports and anything else to facilitate effective communications.  Photos can be taken and sent at the same time—no need to stop to attach photos first.


Share it all with police/fire responders

Law enforcement continues to request that organizations provide them access to information when an incident occurs such as security-camera video. With QuikHelp, first responders can access the QuikHelp alert viewer from their dispatch facility as well as from within their response vehicles at no cost to them once granted access.  With QuikHelp alert-viewer access, responders can not only receive INITIAL alerts for help, they can also receive critical UPDATES as the incident is unfolding from QuikHelp mobile users inside so they know how to best deploy their resources to minimize their response time.

What most have overlooked

Most schools, hospitals, businesses and other organizations have done a good job preparing themselves in the event an incident occurs.  What they HAVEN'T prepared for is what to do when something happens and they can't get through by phone to summon help.  This critical delay can mean more loss of life and increased liability exposure for organizations that may not realize this problem exists.


How QuikHelp can help

QuikHelp provides organizations a quick and easy way to get help by simply clicking/tapping a button on a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone or by using their voice.  With the click/tap of a button, critical incident information can be instantly shared with internal security teams, local first responders or both at the same time WITHOUT HAVING TO MAKE A PHONE CALL.


Simple as simple gets

QuikHelp works just like an ordinary web page does in your browser.  Therefore, it's not only easy to use by those sending each alert, it's also easy to use by those that are viewing the incoming alerts such as security teams, police, sheriff, fire and rescue personnel.  And, since it's so easy to use, training takes less than 10 minutes without needing to read a manual.


No hardware/software needed

With QuikHelp, there's no need to install any special hardware, software or apps anywhere—it can be up and running at any facility in minutes.  And since QuikHelp is a cloud-based solution, there's nothing for IT/facilities teams to have to maintain—it's also cyber friendly.  QuikHelp also eliminates the need to make infrastructure modifications to facilitate its use.


Facilitates 2-way communication

Once alerts are received (see QuikHelp alert viewer, above), dispatchers can see the phone number of the alert sender (smartphones only).  This makes it easy for dispatchers to call or text the alerting party (works with Text-to-911) to have 2-way communication with the alert sender using the existing phone/text-messaging app on a person's smartphone that they already know how to use.

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