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A dispatcher's best friend

QuikHelp can help prevent dispatchers from being sued by giving people another way to reach 911 when their phone lines are jammed with other callers.  Dispatcher suits are one of the reasons why many are leaving the profession resulting in a nationwide dispatcher shortage that makes the can't-get-through problem even worse.

QuikHelp can also save dispatchers a great deal of time and stress because of how it can provide them with all the information they need almost instantly so they don't have to spend time trying to obtain this information from callers.  This information can include incident address, building, floor and room PLUS other details like perpetrator location, description, type of weapon and so on.  This information can be viewed using a simple internet browser that dispatchers already have and know how to use now.  And, since QuikHelp alerts can be sent to first-responder vehicles at the same time, dispatchers don't have to take the time to relay this information over crowded radio channels.  Incident updates sent by incident victims can also be sent to responders without needing dispatcher intervention.

Generate new source of revenue

When QuikHelp is provided as a service, the revenue it generates can provide schools and municipalities with a new source of recurring revenue to help offset the rising costs of providing 911 public-safety services.

Eliminate E911 "upgrade" costs

QuikHelp offers E911-like capabilities today and more (click here for more info) such as external GPS mapping, in-building floor mapping, mass notification, vehicle tracking, taking/sending incident photos, sharing security-camera info and hassle-free multi-agency access.  The best part:  QuikHelp users can leverage these capabilities using what they already have now without needing to install special hardware, software or networks or make any other facility modifications.

Avoid E911 transfer delays

When a major incident occurs and 911 dispatchers are overloaded with calls, E911 transfers call-overload traffic to another call center (PSAP) for handling that may be further away from the incident scene.  When every second counts, these call-transfer delays can further delay response AND create mass confusion.  QuikHelp eliminates these delays by delivering alerts to local dispatchers without alert senders having to make a call or deal with call-transfer delays.




Get help fast when an incident strikes

Dispatchers want to be there for you but delays and dispatcher shortages are real

Your lifeline in an emergency

In today's world, you may not always be able to reach a 911 dispatcher by phone especially when a major incident occurs because of caller overload.  That's why there's QuikHelp, a simple way to send an alert for help that can get right through to dispatchers without having to call them.

QuikHelp works like a web page does in your phone's browser and can be quickly obtained by scanning a QR code (see location sign below) or by clicking a link in an email message.  QuikHelp also works with desktop computers, laptops and tablets.  When you need help, you simply enter your 4-digit location code posted nearby and tap send.  There's also a window where you can enter incident information by typing with your finders or using your voice such as 'smell of smoke', 'active shooter', shooter description, location, type of weapon and other details to help responders know how to best respond.  There's also a 'Safe' button to let responders know you're safe and that help is no longer needed.

Easy way for responders to f ind you

QuikHelp makes it easy for responders to know where you are when you need help.  This info includes your address, what building you're in, what floor you're on, what room/office you're located in AND where you may be sheltering in place (hiding).  Click here to see where your alerts are received to see how this info is displayed.  This way, responders don't have to waste time searching for you when every second counts. There's no need to install any special location-tracking hardware or software anywhere.  Instead, it's done using the simple, reliable and effective "low-tech" approach below.

No app needed!

Entire buildings can be mapped using QuikHelp location signs that can be produced quickly using a simple template and printed with a laser printer.

Each unique code tells responders what building you're in, what f loor you're on and in what room to find you.

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