Safe, smart and targeted mass notification with just 3 simple steps

No special
app needed

No distracting alerts or


Alerts can be delivered to specific targets (recipients) using the channel buttons above.
 A built-in channel guide makes it easy to look up the right target channel just like using a TV guide.

laptop or tablet alert station

Uses a simple browser




No sign-ups/opt-ins, apps or cell phone lists to hassle with!

Mass notification made easy

Using a simple browser interface, emergency and non-emergency alerts can be sent to targeted recipients with just 3 easy steps.  Once each alert message is entered, senders can preselect what groups of recipients they want to target (or select multiple groups at the same time) by clicking a corresponding channel selector.  Each channel can be assigned to a recipient group, region building, floor, district, city and so on.  Then, with the simple click of the Send button, alerts can be sent instantly to recipients.

Simple, hassle-free alerting

Mass-notify systems that rely on text and email-based alert delivery often experience issues because a growing percentage of this content is filtered by the cellular carriers, a secret that many SMS/email-based solution providers don't want known. Instead, Notify alerts are delivered almost instantly without being filtered AND without the issues that municipalities have been experiencing with their existing systems they use today.

Easy access without any barriers

Because Notify alerts can be viewed like an ordinary web page, alerts can be instantly accessed in schools, office buildings, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, coffee houses and other places.  This "keep-it-simple" approach also makes it easier to reach more people by eliminating the access barriers found with other solutions.

Avoids distracted-driver liability

Because of how audible and visual alerts on smartphones are causing a growing number of distracted-driving accidents, law firms representing accident plaintiffs are targeting the SENDERS of these alerts.  With Notify, alerts can be viewed on smartphones without creating any distractions to help avoid potential alert-sender liability.

Deploys in just minutes

Unlike other more-complicated solutions that require special installation, QuikHelp can be deployed within any municipality in minutes without having to install anything anywhere.  Alerts can be sent using an existing internet browser.  And since there's nothing to install, training and support impact is minimal.  Alert content is secured using the same level of security banks use today.

No sign-ups or opt-ins required

At a time when people are reluctant to share personal information, QuikHelp alerts can be viewed without having to sign up, opt in or provide any personal information whatsoever.  This also helps protect municipalities from having to maintain lists of cell-phone numbers and email addresses.  Because there are no sign-ups or opt-ins required, Notify makes it possible to reach larger audiences than conventional systems are reaching today thus making it a smarter and more cost-effective investment.

Meets new DHS requirements

Recently, the Department of Homeland Security declared that mass-notification systems must provide a 'Preview' and 'Cancel' feature because of the Hawaii missile incident.  Notify gives users the option of requiring two-party approval before an alert can be sent (preview).  In addition, once each alert is sent, it can be instantly recalled (canceled) if sent by mistake.  Alerts can also be recalled once the emergency event is over to prevent reactions to events that have already ended and are no longer valid.

Easy way to generate revenue

When Notify is provided as a service, the revenue that it produces can provide municipalities with a new source of recurring revenue to help keep emergency operations and 911 centers in operation and people in jobs.

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