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QuikHelp Notify: Simple mass notification without any barriers

Ideal for use by schools, hospitals, businesses and municipalities

Emergency/non-emergency alerting

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The QuikHelp Notify difference

QuikHelp Nofity is a unique alert-notification system for municipalities and business entities that solves many of the problems associated with other solutions.  Using a simple browser interface, emergency and non-emergency alerts can be sent to specific audiences to control notification delivery.  When each alert is sent, it can be instantly recalled if sent by mistake or recalled later when it's deemed no longer valid.  Alerts can be viewed on smartphones using a phone's browser without needing to download an app.  Alerts can also be viewed on just about any other web-enabled device such as desktop computers, laptops and tablets.  Notify gives municipalities and business entities total control over what types of alerts they want to send, to whom and when without needing any outside approval.  When Notify is provided as a fee-based service by municipalities to their community, it can generate a new source of revenue with a very short ROI.  Notify is also extremely easy to deploy and use.

New DHS mass-notification requirements

Many are not aware that recently, the Department of Homeland Security issued two new recommendations that govern the use of mass-notification solutions—see news excerpt below:








Easy access using a simple browser

Notify alerts can be viewed on just about any web-enabled device such as desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones using a simple internet browser just like viewing other web-based content—access without the barriers.  Notify can even be launched with a single click of a button for easy access by those who are elderly or physically challenged.  A QR code can also be scanned with a smartphone that loads the Notify web interface into a smartphone's browser automatically (Apple or Android)—ideal for displaying on an organization's web site and for posting at points of interest in your community for people to scan with their phones as the walk by to get the latest alerts and updates.

Simple alert preview (per DHS)

From within the QuikHelp Communications Center interface,  emergency and non-emergency alerts can be entered and sent to a second party for approval prior to sending. Once approval is received from the second party, the alert 'Send' button turns green to permit the sending of alerts to recipients.  Once each alert is sent, it gets automatically archived for documentation purposes.  This preview feature can be disabled by request for those organizations who do not need second-party approval to send alerts.

Simple alert recall (per DHS)

Once sent, alerts can be quickly recalled if necessary by simply clicking the 'Recall' button in the Notify browser-based interface.  Alerts can also be recalled once the original sender deems the alerts to no longer be valid or necessary.

Notify as a revenue-generating service

Since there are no back-end administration costs involved, Notify can more than pay for itself when it's made available as a value-added service to local residents and business entities.

Target alerts to specific audiences

Notify makes it easy to target alert delivery to recipients located in specific regions; each can be a group of people, department, classroom, building, street, neighborhood, city, county and so on.

Use when power/cell/internet is down

Unlike many other systems, Notify (as an option) can be used when power, cellular and internet service are all down.  When situations like this occur, Notify's portable disaster-ready solution can be up and running quickly on private MESH networks that are being deployed today by many cities and counties.

Alert delivery redundancy

Notify alerts can be sent to smartphones via the cellular network and to other devices on a different network (such as workplace, business and school networks) at the same time to help make sure that alerts get through to their intended recipients.

Easy for organizations to deploy and use

Notify can be deployed by any organization in just minutes without having to install anything—all that's needed is basic internet access.   Because it uses a simple internet browser that people already know how to use, training takes less than five minutes.

Cyber and liability friendly

Since there's no hardware, software or apps required, there's nothing for a potential hacker to leverage.  And since there is no need for recipients to provide any personal information to access alert content, organizations don't have to be worried about potential claims of personal information mismanagement since there's no need for it to reach recipients with your alert content.

Easy dispatcher/law-enforcement access

911 dispatchers and field responders can access the Notify system browser-based interface to send alerts and updates from a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or mobile-display computer.  The Notify alert-sending interface can also be deployed on a tablet that has WiFi or cellular internet access for mobile use applications.  In the event of a major incident, on-scene responders can use Notify to send messages to incident victims inside of buildings to update them about what they can expect to happen with regard to rescue to help minimize calls into 911 dispatch centers that often get overwhelmed with callers when major incidents occur.

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