First-responder location problem solved

Dispatchers and first responders have a tough enough job—they shouldn't have to go to such great lengths to determine the location of a perpetrator or victim.  Now, they don't have to!  Instead, they can know this information the moment a QuikHelp alert is received without making location-finding complicated when it really doesn't have to be!

Finally, a simple and smarter way to find people without needing GPS

Be location-savvy instantly

With QuikHelp, when someone needs help, all they have to do is look for a location sign nearby such as near a doorway, in a bathroom, under a desk etc.  Then, they simply enter their location code on their phones (above) and tap a button.  When the QuikHelp alert is received by 911 dispatchers, it instantly tells them where a person is including the following information that displays in a browser or on an iPad--no GPS needed:

  • Organization's name
  • Full address
  • Building, floor, room and other information
  • Perpetrator location
  • And other incident details

Simple template makes it easy

With our simple Microsoft Office location template, schools, hospitals, businesses and other organizations can create and post these location signs anywhere on the fly using a laser printer--it can't get any easier!

911ers don't have to do anything

With QuikHelp's simple location-reporting system, 911 centers don't have to hassle with integrating special location software that could cause a 911 system to become unstable--the fewer "moving parts" in a 911 system the better!

No high-tech complication needed

Other attempts to solve the location problem require the use of GPS, indoor WiFi and other layers of complication.  Our simple paper location signs don't and are 100% accurate unlike other high-tech "overkill" solutions that simply aren't needed.

Integrates with facility maps

Imagine accessing an organization's facility maps and/or floor plans with these location codes right on them.  Done.

So what's the QR code for?

Anybody that walks by a location sign can scan the QR code and when they do, the QuikHelp application instantly loads into their phone's browser.  Boom--they're done--it's that simple!  From there, the application's icon can be saved to a person's home screen in seconds for easy anytime access.

Easy for organizations to deploy

With these simple location signs, schools, hospitals, businesses and other organizations don't have to buy, install or maintain special location-tracking solutions.  They can also use this location scheme for other use cases as well.

Simple adoption incentive

With a simple 911-outreach program, these organizations can be enticed to adopt this system because it's to their benefit to do so if they want to be found quickly when help is needed.

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