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iPSAP: QuikHelp 911 system on an iPad

The ideal primary AND backup 911 system for 911 centers and local first responders

A PSAP in your hand—the ultimate in mobile 911 simplicity!

iPad Pro with the  QuikHelp 911 web interface running in its Safari browser

Alerts sent from QuikHelp-enabled smartphones appear here with exterior and interior location and other incident information without having to place a phone call

System automatically expands to handle a large number of incoming alerts with a second column on the right that appears to provide even more room when needed

Grab-and-go portability makes it easy to operate your PSAP from just about anywhere!

Built-in GPS location mapping and mass-notification capability gives PSAPS and first responders just what they need in a single web interface

View photos from QuikHelp-enabled smartphones that can be taken and sent at the same time by simply tapping a button. Makes an ideal way to size up an incident visually.

If you can use an iPad, you're already trained!  It's that simple!

911 done the right and simple way

Dispatchers often say that the 911 workflow has become way too complicated, and they're right.  Six sometimes 8 monitors?  With iPSAP, the complicated part of offering 911 service has been eliminated with the use of an iPad that makes offering 911 service downright simple and dispatcher friendly (great way to help retain dispatchers).


Keep it up when your PSAP isn't

PSAP's go down often because of equipment, software or other issues.  When this happens, you can grab your iPad and continue providing 911 service as if nothing ever happened.  And since iPSAP can be used over cellular or WiFi networks anywhere, you can run your PSAP from just about anywhere you have internet access.

Deploys in less than a minute

Because there's no need to install any software or download a special app, iPSAP can be up and running in seconds by scanning a QR code or by clicking a link.  And, since it works just like a web page does, training takes less than 5 minutes.  The application's icon can be saved on the iPad's home screen for easy one-tap launch.


Grab an iPad and call for a demo

To see how iPSAP works and why it would be an ideal compliment to your existing 911 workflow, get your hands on an iPad (preferably the large iPad Pro) and call us.  When you do, we'll provide you a link where you can see iPSAP in action on your own iPad right over the phone so that you can see all that it can do for your 911 organization.

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