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A must-have today for EVERY hospital

Dispatchers want to be there for you, but...

...dispatcher call overload can delay response

Doctors, nurses and staff are becoming more concerned about their safety than ever before

Labor unions are making this issue a top priority with hospital management

See content below to learn how QuikHelp can create a "win-win" for labor and hospitals alike





Hospitals unaware

Most hospital personnel think they can just pick up the phone and call 911 when help is needed.  However, as previous incidents have proven, this is not always the case.  During past incidents, many couldn't get through to 911 and in other cases, callers were placed on hold the moment they called because of how so many were trying to call for help using their smartphones.  Without a plan in place to deal with this scenario, hospitals could be leaving themselves exposed to significant post-incident blame and liability.

The solution: QuikHelp

QuikHelp (see phone above) makes it easy for hospitals to turn their existing desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones into instant panic-button devices in seconds WITHOUT HAVING TO INSTALL ANY SPECIAL HARDWARE, SOFTWARE OR APPS AND WITHOUT NEEDING TO MAKE ANY FACILITY MODIFICATIONS to accommodate QuikHelp's use.

No phone calls needed!

When the QuikHelp Help button is clicked or tapped, it sends an instant alert for help DIRECTLY to hospital security and first responders at the same time WITHOUT NEEDING TO CALL THEM when their phone lines may be jammed with other callers.

Ultra simple to use

Unlike other solutions that involve complicated software, QuikHelp doesn't--it works just like a web page does in a person's browser; training takes less than 5 minutes--ideal for doctors and nurses who don't have time or patience to deal with complicated technology.

Deploys in minutes

Because QuikHelp doesn't require the installation of any hardware, software or apps, it can be deployed at any hospital and at remote facilities--such as clinics and medical office buildings--in minutes without making the effort into a major IT/facilities "project".  The ability to view alerts can also be set up at any hospital security office/dispatch facility in the same amount of time.

Helps minimize risk

QuikHelp can minimize a hospital's risk and post-incident liability by directing responders right to where help is located (see 'It's what responders need' section below) so that no time is lost searching for incident victims when every second counts.

Simple mass notification

When an incident occurs, QuikHelp makes it easy for management to quickly share incident information with staff.  This information can be viewed on smartphones with a simple tap without needing to download a special app.  QuikHelp makes this process easy by eliminating the need to send/place emails, text messages and phone calls.  The system can also be used to share non-emergency message content.

It's what responders need

Because hospitals have multiple floors and buildings, it's often difficult for responders to know where help is needed when an incident occurs.  The result:  A delayed response.  QuikHelp addresses this problem by providing alert-sender's phone number, address, what building they're in as well as detailed information about where they are inside.

Avoids the app trap

Many hospitals have purchased app-based get-help solutions for their emergency-response needs but discover that they're not really useful in these situations because of how they require a special password and don't provide needed location information especially inside of a building.  Fortunately, QuikHelp doesn't require the downloading of a special app or the use of a password to make it easy to send alerts quickly when help is needed.

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Incident notification
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When EVERY second counts, hospitals can't afford NOT to have a no-delay notification solution like QuikHelp in place

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