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HelpTrack: Send a request for help smartly from anywhere

Ideal for when you're driving, mobile or on foot and need help but don't know where you are

When you're driving, mobile or lost...

...tap the Help button...

...to notify nearby security/police

Bus, personal/rental car, on foot etc.

Just reach and tap Help

Finds and tracks your location

Incredibly simple: No special hardware, software or app needed!  Anybody can do it!

Suddenly in dire need of help?

Think about it:  You could be anywhere and suddenly find yourself in dire need of help.  If you're a bus or shuttle driver and have a problem on your bus, you may not be able to stop to request help.  If you're driving in your personal vehicle or rental car, you may not always be able to make a phone call to get help.  Even if you are able to use your phone, you may not always be able to get through quickly enough and in other cases, you may not even know where you are.


How HelpTrack can help you

HelpTrack is a simple smartphone-based "I need help" solution that works like a web page does on your phone.  Once it's loaded into your browser, you simply enter your special ID code in the space provided as part of your initial setup and tap the Save button—you only have to do this once.  Then, if you need any help thereafter, simply tap the Help button—it's that easy!


Location problem solved

When you need help, HelpTrack provides your special ID code and GPS location to responders automatically so that even if you don't know where you are, they can still find you and can identify who you are by your unique ID code.


Viewing your alerts

HelpTrack alerts can be viewed by private security and first responders using our simple, browser-based alert viewer at the link below (your location info pops up when it's received):


QuikHelp Communications Center viewer


Speeds security/police notification

Once your alert is sent, it can immediately notify your security team and/or local police of your need for help by showing them a map of where you're located.  This alert map can be viewed by private security teams, first-responder dispatchers and by responding officers right from within their vehicle so that no time is wasted in the response process.  For example, if something happens in a school bus, an officer just a few car lengths away could literally arrive on the scene in seconds.


Simple to deploy and use

Because HelpTrack doesn't require the installation of any special hardware, software or app, it can be up and running on just about any smartphone in seconds.  And since it works like a regular web page does in a phone's browser, training takes less than five minutes without needing to read a user's manual.


Free law-enforcement access

Unlike other solutions that don't offer easy law enforcement access or require the use of complicated proprietary interfaces, HelpTrack enables any authorized responder to view alert content using an existing internet browser that responders already have and know how to use.  Because of this, HelpTrack can be up and running within any responder agency and within their vehicles in just minutes.  The best part:  First responders can view alerts without costing their agencies anything AND without having to make any facility modifications.

Safe and permitted by law

When smartphones are mounted in a fixed holder like the one shown above, they can be safely and lawfully used while a vehicle is in motion to send an alert for help.

High-value asset protection

HelpTrack is also ideal for protecting high-value employees who often travel in the event of a car breakdown or security threat where getting help fast is critical to their safety.

Part of an even more robust solution

HelpTrack is part of our QuikHelp emergency-alert and mass-notification solution that makes it easy for first responders to know where you are inside of a building when you need help such as when you're at work or at school.  HelpTrack is also available as a separate standalone solution.

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