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Communicate visually with the simple tap of a smartphone button

There's no faster way to use a smartphone to share visual information than with FastShare

Solution overview

With FastShare, you can take a photo of anything and share it at the same time with the simple tap of a button.  Each photo can then be quickly viewed by MULTIPLE parties at the same time such as dispatchers, responders from within their vehicles and even on smartphones.  Additional detail can also be shared including descriptive text that can be entered by the FastShare user before each photo is sent to provide photo context as well as GPS coordinates from where each photo was taken.  This information can then be viewed in the QuikHelp viewer using an internet browser without having to install anything.  This ability to quickly share anything visually makes it much easier to communicate with other parties to help develop an action plan without having to struggle to describe what you're seeing over a cell phone or radio.

Simple and ultra versatile

FastShare works just like an ordinary web page does in a phone's browser without needing to hassle with downloading a special app.  The best part:  There's no password required to use FastShare, which makes it much easier to use than any other solution on the market.  Anytime you want to share something visually, FastShare makes it fast and easy without having to spend minutes fumbling with your phone.

Include text or not

Before you send each photo, you can enter optional text (or speak it into your phone) that describes each photo you're about to take, text that gets displayed right along side each photo in the QuikHelp viewer.  If you're in a hurry, you can skip the text-entry process so that you can take and share a photo right away when time is critical.

Location reporting

If you have 'Location Services' enabled on your phone, FastShare will also send the GPS coordinates from each photo location,  information that can be viewed on a map inside the QuikHelp Viewer.


Universal viewer access

Because FastShare enables the viewing of photos, text and GPS location info using a simple browser, any authorized agency can view FastShare content by simply clicking on a link to access the QuikHelp viewer—ideal for use in mutual-aid situations so that everyone can be on the same page.

No photo-taking hassles

When you take a conventional photo with your phone, you have to launch your camera app, take the photo, find the photo on your phone, launch your email/text-message app to attach each photo, compose your email/text and then send it.  This not only takes too long, it's also a pain especially when you're in a hurry!  With FastShare, you can take AND share photos and other information with the simple tap of a button WITHOUT having to deal with the hassles of trying to send a photo the conventional way.  The result:  A much faster and easier way to communicate visually on the fly especially when you're in a hurry.

Better than live video

FastShare photos can be sent over the most bandwidth-challenged networks that would make sharing of live video impossible.  FastShare photos can also be more easily viewed without the problems commonly associated with trying to view live streaming video that often freezes because of bandwidth and other issues.  FastShare photos can also be easily recalled for "second-look" viewing much more easily than live video can.

Save and recall

Each FastShare photo can be saved automatically to your computer's desktop as a 'PNG' file without needing any special software.  Once saved, these photos can be inserted into reports, used for evidential purposes and archived for future recall.

Safe and secure

Each FastShare submission is delivered from smartphones to the QuikHelp viewer using the same secure SSL browser security technology that banks use.  In addition, once each FastShare photo is sent, it's automatically erased from the sender's phone so that the photos can't be tampered with or lost in the event a FastShare user's phone is lost, stolen or becomes inoperable.

Works with QuikHelp

FastShare is available as a separate solution—it's also included with our QuikHelp emergency-notification solution that makes it easy to send alerts for help with a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone with the simple click/tap of a button.  To learn more about QuikHelp, visit our 'Solution's tab above and click on 'QuikHelp'.

"Can be deployed on the fly almost anywhere you have internet connectivity to facilitate visual emergency communications"

Use Applications

  1. Instant visual sharing of just about anything that needs to be shared quickly to aid communication

  2. Reporting fires and sharing fire damage with homeowners and insurance providers

  3. Public affairs (posting FastShare photos to social-media sites)

  4. Parking enforcement
    (as a stand-alone solution or as a complement to existing LPR systems)

  5. Hospital alerting

  6. Facial recognition

  7. Revenue generation

  8. Compliance monitoring

  9. Documenting incidents

  10. Amber-like broadcasts

  11. Surveillance

  12. Investigations

  13. Visual inspections

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