Communicate visually on the fly with the tap of a button

Just point your phone's camera and tap a button

Instant visual communication made easy


Communicating visually with a smartphone by taking a picture and sending it is a real pain especially when time is of the essence.  Once you take each picture, you have to stop and fumble to find it and then you have to attach it to an email or text to send it, and that's only IF you have your recipient's email or text number handy.  It's even more of a pain when you need to share each photo with multiple recipients at the same time.  In addition, conventional photos sent with your phone are large in size and consume a lot of data that eats away at cell-phone data plans that have data limits.  FastShare makes all of these problems go away—learn more about what makes FastShare unique below.



With FastShare, you can turn an ordinary smartphone into an instant ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) photo-sharing device in seconds without having to install an app —it works just like a web page does in your phone's browser.


With FastShare, all you have to do is point your phone's camera at something that you want to share and tap a button.  Once the button is tapped, the photo is taken AND sent for you automatically to one or more recipients at the same time.  Prior to taking each photo, you can enter text to document each photo so that when the photos are received by your recipients, they'll know what each photo is about including on what day and time it was taken.  Optional GPS coordinates can also be provided so that recipients can see where each photo was taken on a Google map by clicking a link in the FastShare viewer.  Sending FastShare photos is also more "data friendly" (and faster) because of how each FastShare photo uses considerably less data to send it to recipients than a conventional smartphone photo does.


Being able to communicate visually makes it easy to share more information more quickly in the same amount of time than you can using your voice over a phone or radio—a picture is worth a thousand words.  Visual communication also overcomes language and other communication barriers that often contribute to communication delays and breakdowns that can result in the loss of life and revenue especially when a major incident occurs.



When each photo is sent, it appears automatically in the FastShare viewer in seconds without having to install anything anywhere—it works just like a web page does on a desktop computer, laptop or tablet.  Once each photo is received, the viewer displays the date and time each photo was taken along with any accompanying text and GPS location information.  Photos can then be saved and shared with others on the fly by simply clicking a button and pasting each photo's 'Share' link in an email.


Use cases include but are not limited to the following:

  • Sharing scope of incidents/incident damage
  • ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance)
  • Investigations
  • Advanced warning applications (weather, etc.)
  • Social-distance and other types of monitoring
  • Visual inspections
  • News reporting
  • Parking, car-registration, handicapped-space violation reporting and other types of revenue enforcement
  • And other visual-communication use cases

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