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Fast11:  A faster way to get help when you can't by phone

Share what you see on your security cameras with responders without the privacy issues

Type or speak to share info

On-premise security


"Active shooter spotted on f loor 2"


Field responders

Provides responders with timely incident information without them having to wait for it

Timely information access problem

Law-enforcement professionals agree:  Having timely access to information—such as the description of an active shooter, their location, type of weapon and so on—is of utmost importance.  The problem:  When a school, hospital, business or retailer calls for help but can't get through in a timely manner to provide responders with incident information and ongoing updates, field responders have to wait to receive this information.  Providing responders with live, real-time access to security cameras isn't a good solution because it can create legal, privacy and other issues.  Live video can also be plagued by technical and operator-error issues that can make it impractical for use in crisis situations.  What's needed is a way to provide responders with timely information access without legal and technical problems getting in the way.

How Fast11 solves the problems above

With Fast11, organizations above can type details into Fast11 that describe what they see on their security cameras.  Then with a click of a button, this info can be quickly shared with dispatchers and field responders almost instantly.  Security camera operators can also speak the details into an iPad and the details will be automatically typed into Fast11.  Being able to share this information more quickly with responders can mean a quicker response to reduce incident impact and potential liability as well as loss of business continuity.  Fast11 also eliminates live video technical and operator issues that often get in the way.

Simple to deploy and use

Because there's no need to install any hardware, software or app AND because Fast11 doesn't need to be connected to or integrated with security-camera systems, security personnel can have Fast11 up and running in minutes without needing to make the effort into a major project.  Training for Fast11 information senders and receivers takes about 15 minutes.

Better than live video

While live video access to security cameras may seem appealing, it's often problematic because of technical and other issues.  Live video is also prone to long delays that can create confusion in the response process.  Fast11 is more reliable because of how it doesn't overload network connections and browsers causing crashes and freezes like live video often does.

Avoids legal/privacy issues

Because Fast11 doesn't actually share any video with first responders, Fast11 doesn't create any legal or privacy liability issues for users or responders.  Instead, it simply shares text that describes what's being seen on security cameras.

No relay or transfer delays

When Fast11 information is sent by schools, hospitals, businesses and retailers, it can be viewed by field responders almost instantly.  The result:  First responders don't have to wait for this information to be relayed to them by a dispatcher, a process than can delay response when every second counts.

No having to waste time upon arrival

When law-enforcement arrives on the scene of an incident, they usually have to stop to figure out where they can view security-camera video to determine where the perpetrator is.  This process usually requires chasing down a camera person and hoping that he/she knows how to access their cameras.  With Fast11, law enforcement can already have this information BEFORE they arrive so that they don't have to waste time trying to gain security-camera access once they get there.  Updates on perpetrator movement can also be shared with first responders almost instantly as an incident is unfolding.

Improves responder safety

In many cases, first responders don't always know what to expect when they enter a building which can expose them to extreme danger.  With Fast11 incident information, they can know where the perpetrator is before they make entry.

Free and easy responder access

Fast11 enables authorized responders to view Fast11 content using an ordinary internet browser that responders already have and know how to use--Fast11 works just like an ordinary web page does.  This makes it easy to have Fast11 up and running within any responder agency and within responder vehicles in just minutes.  The best part:  First responders can access and view Fast11 information at no cost AND without having to make any facility/vehicle modifications.  The same no-cost, burden-free access also applies to mutual-aid responders.

Viewing Fast11 alert information

Fast11 information can be viewed using our simple, browser-based alert viewer at the link below that can be viewed from any web-enabled browser with basic internet access.  The link:


QuikHelp Communications Center viewer


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