Get help fast when you can't by phone

No app needed!


Your lifeline in an emergency

In today's world, you may not always be able to reach a 911 dispatcher by phone especially when a major incident occurs because of caller overload.  That's why there's Fast11, a simple way to send an alert for help that can get right through to dispatchers without having to call them (or download an app) during major emergencies when getting through may be difficult.  These same alerts can also be viewed inside first-responder vehicles to help speed response.

Easy to acquire and use

Fast11 works like a web page does in your phone's browser and can be quickly obtained by scanning a QR code or by clicking a link in an email message.  When you need help, you simply enter your 4-digit location code posted on a location-code sign nearby (see example right) and tap send--it's that easy.  There's also a window where you can enter incident information by typing with your finders or by using your voice such as 'smell of smoke', 'active shooter', shooter description, location, type of weapon and other details to help responders know how to best respond.

Knowing your location is easy

Fast11 makes it easy for responders to know where you are when you need help.  This info includes your address, what building you're in, what floor you're on, what room/office you're located in AND where you may be sheltering in place (hiding).  This way, responders don't have to waste time searching for you when every second counts. There's no need to install any special location-tracking hardware or software anywhere.  911ers also don't have to spend time integrating special location software into their existing 911 workflow.

Each unique code tells responders what building you're in, what f loor you're on and in what room to find you.

Simple 'DIY' location-sign template

Location signs can be printed and posted on the fly using our simple Microsoft Office template that you can print using an ordinary  laser printer--ideal for posting near the doorway of every room, near stairwells, and even inside of bathrooms.  Location signs are also ideal for posting on school campuses, in hospitals, at theme parks, sporting events etc.--no GPS required!

No special app required

Unlike other solutions that require a special app that can secretly collect data from your phone and share it with other "parties", Fast11 eliminates this hassle (yay) and security threat.

Deploys in minutes anywhere

Since there's no need to install any hardware, software or apps anywhere on the alert 'Send' or 'Receive' side, Fast11 can be deployed on school campuses, in hospitals, businesses and in other places in seconds--it's that easy.  What about training?  Training takes less than 5 minutes for both users and 911 dispatchers without having to read a manual.

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