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QuikHelp: What it can do for 911 centers and municipalities

QuikHelp is an alert-notification solution that can solve 911 problems and generate revenue for local governments

Problem #1:  The need for a simple-to-use/deploy 911 notification solution

QuikHelp is a simple to use and simple-to deploy service that makes it easy for incident alerts to be viewed by 911 dispatchers using a simple internet browser they already have without having to install anything, anywhere.  Incident information includes the alerting party's callback number, detailed exterior building location information via a GPS map and in-building incident location information as well such as what building, what floor, office/classroom and other info.  This information tells dispatchers everything they need to know without this information being delayed in a hold or call queue.  This helps eliminate dispatcher stress and distraction by eliminating the need to juggle incoming calls while also working their dispatch radios.  This same alert information can also be viewed by first responders in the field at the same time eliminating the need for dispatchers to have to relay this information.

"Finally, a simpler and faster way to handle
requests for help without all the headaches!"


Article published by USA TODAY on September 24, 2018

Problem #2:  The need to generate new sources of revenue

QuikHelp offers municipalities two ways to generate revenue:  1).  Providing QuikHelp's alert-notification solution as a service to local schools, hospitals and businesses and 2).  Using QuikHelp's built-in photo-taking capability to instantly take and automatically send photos of car-registration violator vehicles, parking violators and handicapped parking-space violators to police departments/DMV to simplify the citation process.  Now, any city employee (police or other) with a smartphone can help prevent cities from losing out on this revenue source.  Citizen volunteer organizations can also participate to help report offending vehicles, code violations and other citable offenses.

What makes QuikHelp uniquely suited to solve both problems above

Simple as it can possibly be

Unlike other solutions that require the installation of special hardware, software and apps, QuikHelp eliminates all of these barriers.  Instead, QuikHelp works just like a web page does on a person's desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.  Viewing QuikHelp alerts on the part of 911 dispatchers is just as easy.

Multiple uses with short ROI

Whether QuikHelp is sold by municipalities or their contract vendors as a service, used to generate citation revenue or both, the recurring revenue that QuikHelp generates can more than pay for the system quickly.  QuikHelp can also be used internally by municipalities to help protect employees at city hall and other locations.

Deploys in just minutes

Because QuikHelp doesn't require the installation of any hardware, software or apps, it can be up and running at any 911 facility in just minutes.  And since there's nothing that needs to be installed or maintenance to be performed, there's nothing for a potential hacker to hack which makes QuikHelp cyber and IT friendly.

Problem #3:  The need for a simple mass-notification solution

Most existing mass-notification solutions have proven ineffective because of the need for special apps, the need for special hardware and software and the need for residents to sign up/opt in to access message content.  As part of this sign-up process, residents usually have to provide personal information such as an email address and phone number that drives most away from wanting to use these systems.  QuikHelp Notify is different:  It doesn't require the need for a special app, hardware or software nor does it require residents to provide any personal information to access message content—the way it should be.  With the simple tap of a button on a smartphone, mass-notification message content appears on resident's phones automatically using their existing internet browser.

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