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QuikHelp: What it can do for your municipality

QuikHelp is an alert and mass-notification solution that municipalities can't afford to be without. Why?

Accomplish all these goals with zero net cost to your municipality

  • Generate a new source of recurring revenue to offset rising pension and other costs
  • Minimize your 911 response time by providing responders with more timely information
  • Reduce crime and increase prosecution rates by getting to the scene faster to apprehend criminals before they get away
  • Save money by not purchasing E911 upgrades that QuikHelp provides at no cost
  • Increase first-responder safety by making them more aware of perpetrator's location
  • Eliminate 911 "please hold" problem that occurs often; people call but can't get through resulting in a response delay when every second counts (a big problem especially when a major incident occurs and dispatchers get flooded with calls).
  • Prevent 911 cyber attacks that can disable
    your 911 call/dispatch center
  • Keep your residents informed during emergencies without all the problems associated with your existing mass-notify system that you're using now

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Revenue-generation example

To help municipalities offset rising costs of doing business, QuikHelp's emergency "I need help" alert and mass-notification service can be provided by municipalities as a fee-based service to residents and businesses.  This new revenue can be used to offset rising costs to prevent them from impacting the general fund.  Using its photo capability, QuikHelp can also enable municipalities to collect additional revenues from car-registration and handicapped-space violators who cost municipalities millions in lost revenue each year.  Revenue potential example:  A municipality with 100,000 households can generate $6-$12 million a year in new gross revenues that municipalities are leaving on the table.

Minimize response time by minimizing delays

When an incident occurs, every second counts.  With QuikHelp, alerts can be viewed by dispatchers AND by first responders in their vehicles and on the smartphones at the same time.  With this approach, critical time-sensitive alert information can be made available right away to first responders in the field without getting delayed in a call queue.  Since alerts get delivered to dispatchers via their browser instead of via a phone call, call queues can be greatly reduced and more easily managed, especially during peak call times.

Cost-saving example

Upgrading 911 systems to the new E911 "standard" is expensive, and E911 funding is in short supply leaving many municipalities to rely on 911 financing from their general fund.  With QuikHelp, these upgrade expenses can be eliminated because of how QuikHelp can provide the same E911-like functionality to municipality first-responder agencies at no cost.  In addition, QuikHelp also saves first-responder agencies significant infrastructure costs that are required to deploy E911 upgrades—budget dollars that can be used elsewhere to help hire more dispatchers to address the dispatcher-shortage problem.

Simple as it can possibly be

Unlike other solutions that require the installation of special hardware, software and apps, QuikHelp eliminates all of these barriers and can be up and running in just minutes.  And because QuikHelp is so easy to deploy, it doesn't place any support burdens on municipalities once it's launched like other solutions often do.

Benefits everyone

Municipalities face significant problems outlined above when it comes to providing emergency services that have a significant financial impact.  QuikHelp solves each of these problems in a way that benefits municipalities, first responders, residents and businesses alike while keeping everything simple like it should be.

Zero net municipality cost

When QuikHelp is provided as a service to your residents and businesses, the revenue that it generates can more than pay for QuikHelp's cost.  All that it takes to get started is a small, one-time set-up fee plus a percentage of the revenue to cover QuikHelp's ongoing service cost to keep the system on the air.

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