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Solution checklist

What you should look for in an emergency-notification solution, and why

We realize that it can be a challenge to pick the RIGHT emergency-notification solution for your organization.  To help make your job easy, please feel free to use the checklist below as a guide that was created by experts that have extensive experience in the emergency-notification arena.

When shopping for an emergency-notification solution, avoid systems that require special hardware, software and special apps.   Also, avoid systems that require/involve passwords and complicated interfaces because of how these can frustrate users and get in their way of getting help when an incident occurs.

Your "must-have" checklist

Why the features in the checklist are so critical to have

Features to look for that QuikHelp includes

Sends instant alerts for help using your existing desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones


No special hardware, software or apps
to download and configure


Ultra-simple to use without requiring passwords and complicated interfaces


Alerts show building location as
well as IN-BUILDING incident location info such as on what floor, room etc.


Cost-effective system that eliminates hidden up-front and back-end costs
associated with competitive systems


Alerts first responders without having to make a phone (or automated) call (A CRITICAL MUST-HAVE FEATURE)


System can be deployed in minutes without turning it into a major project


Zero maintenance required and completely cyber safe


Link multiple facilities/properties
together as part of the same system


Take and share incident photos with the simple tap of a button to share incident details visually with decision makers


Mobile solution that makes it easy to send alerts DIRECTLY to 911 AND on-scene first responders with your phone


Simple, browser-based alert viewer that can be easily accessed by first responders and mutual-aid agencies


System that can still be used when internet service is down such as after an earthquake or other disaster

Below is a list of reasons why each feature in the checklist is important to look for in whatever solution you ultimately buy:

Enables you to turn your existing devices into instant panic buttons in seconds without having to invest in proprietary hardware.  To access the system, all you have to do is click on a simple web-page link (works like an orginary web page) .

Apps are complicated and require constant training.  Moreover, according to security experts, 80% of apps on the market have been infected with malware.  With QuikHelp, there's no need to download or install any apps, anywhere.

When an incident occurs and people are suddenly subjected to severe duress and can't remember their own names let alone passwords, QuikHelp eliminates this problem by eliminating the need to enter any passwords, anywhere.

QuikHelp makes it easy for first responders to know exactly what building you're in and where INSIDE each building you are so that they can find and evacuate you much faster versus having to search room by room to find you like they do now.

QuikHelp eliminates the need to install special hardware, software and apps.  It also eliminates the need to modify your facilities to accommodate its use.  There's also no hidden front-end and back-end costs like there are with other systems.

When an incident occurs, first-responder phone lines can become quickly overwhelmed with calls making it impossible for others to get through.  QuikHelp sends alerts directly to responders without having to call them.

Because QuikHelp doesn't require the installation of any hardware or software, it can be deployed at any location remotely in just a matter of minutes without needing to make the effort into a major IT/facilities project.

No hardware or software means there's nothing for your IT/maintenance teams to have to maintain and keep updated.  There's also nothing that to install on your network for a potential hacker to hack like there is with other solutions.

QuikHelp enables the instant linking of multiple remote properties as part of the same system without having to install any special hardware or software at any of these other locations, either (optional feature).

Being able to visually share incident information makes it easier to communicate details quickly without having to explain them over cell phones or radios.  It's also a great way to alert hospitals so they can prepare accordingly.

When an incident occurs and you're on the run or are sheltering in place, QuikHelp makes it easy to send alerts DIRECTLY to first responders from your smartphone especially when they can't be reached by calling them.

QuikHelp's alert-viewer interface makes it easy for any first responder to access it with a simple click from any web-enabled device without having to install any special hardware, software or apps.   The same applies for mutual-aid agencies.

When there's no internet service or power such as after a major earthquake, fire, flood or other natural disaster, QuikHelp can still be used to help locate those trapped inside of a building (optional feature).

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