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Walmart shooting:  Why it's critical to have an

alternate way to reach 911 when an incident occurs

Click video below to see/hear what happened during the shooting

On August 3, 2019, an active-shooter incident occurred at the Walmart store in El Paso Texas where 22 people were killed and many were injured.  During the shooting, a woman (video right) was hiding under a table as the shooting went on around her.  In an interview afterwards, she told the media that she tried to call 911 while under the table but couldn't get through.  What's worse is that she had valuable information that could have helped first responders stop the shooter sooner in the process--information that she couldn't relay to 911 because she couldn't get through.

Solution: QuikHelp 911 instant & DIRECT alerting without calling

Immediate access to critical information

With the simple tap of a button on a smartphone, alerts for help can be instantly sent to 911 dispatchers without having to call them when their lines are jammed with callers.  Once each alert is received, it tells dispatchers where people are and it doesn't stop there.  QuikHelp can also provide in-route and on-scene first responders with critical incident details at the same time to eliminate relay delays that can occur when dispatchers are overwhelmed with calls.  This critical and timely information can be viewed by first responders using their in-car mobile-display computers or any other web-connected device without having to install anything.

As highlighted above and by past incidents, calling 911 cannot be relied upon as a means to communicate critical information when an incident occurs.  When lines are jammed and calls can't get through, more people are put in jeopardy.  First responders are also put in jeopardy by being denied access to critical information that QuikHelp can provide without costly delays.

Instant access without 911 delays

Police can instantly access incident information without their access being delayed by 911

Scan the code and QuikHelp is on your phone

Start a 'BE READY 911' program today

BE READY 911 signs make it easy for anyone to acquire QuikHelp on their phones in seconds; it works like an ordinary web page does without requiring a special app.  Once QuikHelp is on a person's phone, it can be used to send alerts DIRECTLY to local first responders when people can't get through to 911 by phone.  QuikHelp also makes it easy to share incident updates with first responders without having to phone this information in to dispatchers that may be overwhelmed with other callers.  This information can include details about the shooter's location, type of weaponry and other critical information that first responders need to help stop the shooter sooner--info that first responders can access quickly using a simple browser.

Response time could have been less

Per the media, it took first responders 6 minutes to arrive at Walmart once they were notified of the shooting.  Statistics indicate that during active-shooter incidents, an average of 3 people are killed each minute.  With QuikHelp, an alert could have been sent DIRECTLY to nearby patrol officers who routinely patrol the area, responders that may have been able to reduce the loss of life by arriving sooner.

Gives responders what they need

First responders can't be expected to perform their duties if they're not provided with timely and unfettered access to incident information that QuikHelp provides directly from the scene.  Alert information can even be accessed by mutual-aid responders so that everyone has quick and easy access to the same critical incident information to help provide a coordinated response when every second counts.

Immediate access to 911 without phone-call delays



Shooter at Walmart

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