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QuikHelp and Alexa

Use your voice to summon ANY kind of assistance you need

No additional hardware or landline needed!

This could be a hospital patient's room, hotel room, office, classroom etc.

Smart speaker use-case example

Solution overview

With QuikHelp, you can now send a variety of requests for help hands-free using just your voice—it's easy and convenient without getting in your way.

Using a smart speaker like the one shown above with our QuikHelp service, you can summon any kind of assistance you need such as security, 911, nursing stations, concierge desks and others almost instantly.  Alerts can also be sent from other QuikHelp-enabled devices such as computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones and iOT devices.  Alerts can be viewed using a simple browser complete with accurate internal/external location reporting that tells responders right where you are.

Intelligent alert routing

Once each alert is sent, it appears almost instantly in the QuikHelp alert viewer (above right).   Separate alert viewers can be set up at different locations on and off property such as at security/911 dispatch centers, at nursing stations, concierge desks and at other places so that each party receives alerts that apply to them only.  Alerts can also be forwarded to staff smartphones to minimize response time.

Simple to use and deploy

Smart speakers can be installed anywhere in minutes where you have a WiFi connection to the internet and a wall outlet—no need to make any special facility modifications.  You can even place MULTIPLE smart speakers within your organization so that you can use the QuikHelp service from just about anywhere inside buildings.

Hands-free convenience

You can request help without having to take attention (or your hands) away from what you're doing.  For example, if you're in a physical struggle with someone or your hands are tied up doing something critical, you can instantly request help hands-free.  A 'Help is on the way' voice confirmation is received after each voice-alert request is issued to let alert senders know that help is on the way.  The volume of each device can also be controlled by your voice even from a distance.

Two-way communication

Using a companion app, you can have a two-way hands-free conversations with each alerting party using the built-in 'Drop-in' communications feature.

Built-in privacy

Smart speakers can't hear what you say until you utter a special word that wakes up each device and makes it ready to receive your verbal requests.  There's also a built-in 'mute' button on each smart speaker that can prevent each device from hearing anything for times when you want complete privacy.

Location reporting

Once you speak the special "wake" word into a smart speaker, your alerts, along with your location, are sent to the QuikHelp browser-based alert viewer above.  Each alert provides responders with detailed information about your address, what building you're in as well as in-building location information such as what floor you're on, in what room/classroom you're in and son on.  This way, responders know right where you are to minimize their response time.  Each device's location can even be displayed on a GPS map in the alert viewer above to provide responders with a visual indication of where help is needed when every second counts.

No phone call needed

When incidents occur, internal and external responder phone lines often become jammed with callers.  So instead of trying to CALL for help when you may not be able to get through, QuikHelp alerts get delivered almost instantly to dispatchers, nursing stations and to others without having to call them.  Alerts can also be viewed by field responders DIRECTLY without having to wait for this information to be relayed to them by dispatchers.

Ultra versatile

Smart speakers are ideal for deploying inside patient rooms, hotel rooms, classrooms, offices and in other locations.  You can also use the QuikHelp service in conjunction with QuikHelp-enabled desktop computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones  and iOT devices/sensors.

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