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Who We Are

In the live video business since 2009, StreamQuik provides a simple line of portable live video streaming solutions and a cloud-based workflow that enable a crew of one to broadcast live to TV, web and mobile viewers at the same time, automatically.  Our unique strategy enables customers to record, share, socialize, monetize and repurpose live video without the complexities of other solutions.  We serve TV broadcasters, military, security, law-enforcement, government, corporate and education markets.

What Makes Us Unique

Browser-based live to air/web/mobile workflow

No proprietary servers or software needed

Simple to deploy; no extensive training needed

Go live with multiple devices and channels

Integrates easily with any video/news workflow

Share your live video by simply emailing a link

Go live with a single data plan and save money

Stream with less bandwidth for higher reliability

Monetize your live content with advertising

Automatic capture/record; no file transfers needed




Easy to use with a crew of just one

Simply flip a switch (StreamCell) or tap an app (StreamStik) and you can be live to on-air, web and mobile viewers simultaneously and automatically.  Be first to air with a simple and quick setup and tear down without needing to transfer any video files back from the field. No extensive training needed or complicated setup--anybody can do it.

Ideally suited for a variety of video needs

StreamQuik's solutions and workflow make an ideal compliment to any existing broadcast/streaming workflow by making it easy for users to go live with a variety of connectivity options including cellular, Ethernet WiFi and satellite.  StreamCell and StreamStik also make an ideal in-studio and "bureau-in-a-box" solution.

Expand your live streaming toolkit with ease

Want to add additional streaming devices to your live media arsenal?  Simply contact StreamQuik and choose your streaming device to add and then select a service plan for each one.  Each additional device will then be assigned its own unique channel button in the player above to enable you to switch between each device by clicking a button.


"Saved us many times over!"

"It works as advertised!"

"Nice and simple like you say"

--Mike Snuffer, WSIL-TV

--Jeb Eaton, U.S. Air Force

--Vicente Gutierrez, Montebello

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