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StreamQuik's suite of live streaming solutions makes it easy to stream live to TV, your web site AND to viewer's mobile devices at the same time with the flip of a switch or tap of an app. No other live media solutions are as simple to use, while providing a host of powerful and versatile capabilities that enable you to deliver, capture, record, share, socialize, monetize and repurpose your live content.  StreamQuik's simple workflow enables you to broadcast live to multiple viewing screens simultaneously and automatically to reach viewers wherever they are. And since there's no complex setup involved or equipment to host at your facility, ANYBODY can do it with a crew of just one.


Customer testimonials

"You flip the switch and it just works!"

Roy, Support contractor for U.S. Army

"You made it really easy!"

Jose, KOSA-TV News Director

"So simple, anybody can do it"

Darlene, Lyndon State College




Connectivity Options

StreamCell: A live TV truck in a box

Just flip a switch and you can stream live in SD/HD using your own camera in the field or in-studio.  Supports multiple connectivity options including cellular LTE, WiFi, ethernet or satellite.  No complicated menu displays or software to learn and no proprietary debonding servers to hassle with.  Ruggedized, pro-grade solution that can support multiple cameras.

StreamStik: A live TV truck on a stik

Simply tap an app to stream live with any Apple device including an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.  Includes an extendable monopod and detachable mini tripod to enable hand-held or hands-free operation.  Small, light-weight form factor makes it easy to travel with.  Extend the monopod and get live video above crowds, around corners and from other unique angles.

Multiple ways to stream live when cellular is unavailable

StreamQuik's solutions enable you to stream live over most any portable satellite-based system that provides internet connectivity--ideal when cellular service is not available. StreamQuik's broadband extender solution can also extend mobile satellite broadband from a truck to camera crews up to 2,500 feet away--ideal for when news trucks can't get close to the action.

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Applications: Click to see how you can benefit

  • Television Broadcasting

    Ideal for covering breaking news, sporting events, investigative reporting, weather and live broadcasts from remote locations and for setting up live bureaus.

  • Newspaper and Radio Stations

    Ideal for enabling newspapers and radio stations to have the same capabilities as traditional TV stations by reaching larger local and global audiences

  • Educational

    Ideal for distance learning, covering live campus events, sharing your live content with other campuses, on-the-fly security use, sports event coverage and more

  • Houses of Worship

    Ideal for broadcasting worship services, special religious events, remote missionary reports and more

  • Security and Law Enforcement

    Ideal for broadcasting live situational-awareness video to commanders to facilitate better decision-making.  Also great for training, PIO and other uses.

  • Public/Media Relations

    Ideal for promoting special events, new products, business meetings and for sharing your live content with the outside media without them needing to be there

  • Webcasting/Mobilecasting

    Ideal for streaming live to your web site as well as Social Media sites such as YouTube, Ustream, Facebook and others

  • Military

    Ideal for saving travel costs by streaming various events instead of sending staff to attend these events.  Also great for MWR, training, security and surveillance use

  • Sports and Entertainment

    Ideal for broadcasting live sports and entertainment events to local and global TV, web and mobile audiences

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