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Stream LIVE to TV, web & mobile viewers with the flip of a switch or tap of an app


Simple To Use

StreamQuik's line of portable live video streaming solutions are the easiest-to-use live streaming solutions on the planet.  With the simple flip of a switch or tap of an app, you can stream live to TV, web and mobile viewers at the same time without the need for any special servers or software.  Our cloud-based network is also maintenance free.

Browser-Based Player

StreamQuik's streaming devices can be assigned to their own channel buttons to enable you to create your own live streaming video network.   Since the player is browser based, you can use it to distribute your live content to on-air, web and mobile viewers at the same time, a player that we can host for you to make it easy to get started.

Versatile and Scalable

StreamQuik's line of solutions and cloud-based service network can enable you to not just stream live, you can also capture and record your live content, capture file-based video, share your video, socialize it with your Twitter posts and monetize it.  You can also have up to 12 channels to expand your network as needed.

StreamStik Mini

StreamStik Palm



Your LIVE Video Network

Click or tap the player and streaming devices for more info

Simple, browser-based on-air/web/mobile player–see it in action at our 'Live Demo' link above









Channel Button





Assign each streaming device to its own channel

Scale your live network with up to 12 streaming channels

Markets we serve:  Broadcasters  |  Military  |  Government  |  Law Enforcement  |  Education  |  Corporate  Enterprise

Sample customers

Browser-based live to air/web/mobile workflow

Easiest and most versatile line of streaming solutions

No proprietary servers or software needed

Go live with a single data plan and save money

Simple to deploy; no extensive training needed

Share your live video by simply emailing a link

Integrates easily with any video/news workflow

Go live with multiple devices and channels

Monetize your live content with advertising

What Makes Us Unique

Automatic capture/record; no file transfers needed

Stream with less bandwidth for higher reliability

Our Latest Innovation: VidAware

VidAware: A live video technology to help save lives, property, revenue loss and liability.

VidAware integrates with existing security camera systems to enable first responders to see inside of malls, schools and other facilities BEFORE arriving on the scene of an incident to make better deployment decisions regarding the use of manpower and resources.  To learn more about our VidAware technology, click on the VidAware graphic on the right.

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